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Enjoying Life to the Fullest in the MX-5 Miata

Celebrating 30 Years of the MX-5 Miata begins with celebrating our fans and their stories. We asked owners and enthusiasts from around the country to submit their MX-5 stories to celebrate the debut of the 30th Anniversary MX-5 Miata at the Chicago Auto Show.

Cutter Montante was at his local arcade, a place he often frequents, when he noticed someone playing the racing game, Battle Gear 3. Seeing how skillfully the man played, Montante assumed that the man also must know how to drive well in real life. Montante approached him and asked, "Hey, you drive in real life don't you?" Unsurprisingly, Erik--an active member of the MX-5 community--confirmed Montante’s assumption.

Erik asked Montante how he could tell, to which Montante responded he just knew based off the way he drove in the game.

“He invited me to check out his car,” Montate explained. “It was the first time I really ever got to experience a MX-5 up close, and honestly, I felt an energy from him, like the car just fit him perfectly.”

After joining him for a ride up the nearby mountains, Montante, who owned an RX-7 at the time, made a realization--he needed the get an MX-5.

“From that day on,” Montante explained, “I sold my RX-7, bought an MX-5, and I've never looked back. I honestly don't think I'm ever going to own another car.”


Montante’s passion for the MX-5 Miata has been contagious, too. He has inspired his girlfriend and eight of his closest friends to purchase MX-5s.

“All my friends and I now get to enjoy these cars together,” Montante explained. “We just drive around California, go to the beach and go up the mountains. We all have our cars uniquely set to our preferences; they’re expressions of us.”

“I love all my MX-5 friends equally,” Montante continued. “I'm just so thankful to have all of them in my life.”


Montante often thinks back to the night at the arcade and being introduced to the MX-5.

“I felt like my eyes were opened,” he reflected. “It honestly has given me something that I want to spread to the world each day. I want to show people that they can buy one of these and do whatever they want with it. Make it look like however they want. This car is made for us.”


“The MX-5 Miata just feels right,” Montante continued. “I associate that car with enjoying life at its fullest.”