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How A Twisted Knee Led To A Stronger Connection Between You And Your Mazda

Injured on the soccer pitch, facing months of physiotherapy and learning to walk again, Yasuyoshi Mushitani, principal engineer for Mazda’s Chassis Dynamics Development Group, wasn’t deterred; rather, he was inspired to persevere. When Mushitani discussed his condition with various medical specialists, he had an epiphany and realized the mechanics of walking were very similar to fine-tuning the chassis and suspension settings on a car. It’s all about balance.

His ideas triggered a series of studies and innovations, bringing together a team of experts in ergonomics, driving and seat design, to study the human body and invent new ways to connect human to machine.

Human centric engineering is at the core of Mazda’s Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, creating an intuitive bond between car, driver and passengers, resulting in the unique effortless, joyful feeling of driving that only Mazda can deliver.

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