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Mazda Recognized Among Top Brands for Performance and Quality

There are few automotive rankings that matter as much as Consumer Reports’ annual Best & Worst cars. The reasons for this are simple – Consumer Reports tests absolutely every car they can, and they test them consistently and fairly. This report holds automakers accountable for both product quality and owner satisfaction. Mazda is proud to consistently rank among the top 10 automakers, based on the strength of their cars in both overall quality and road-tested performance.

As you read this year’s report, you’ll find out that Mazda has achieved something that very few automakers can match – a Recommended status for every vehicle they make. Beyond those recommendations, the Mazda3, CX-3, and CX-5 were all listed among the “Best new cars under $30,000.” Additionally, the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata was rated as the Top Pick among sports cars, with the editors calling it, “the embodiment of driving pleasure.”

To become a top pick, a car must stand well above its competition. Every car is evaluated on road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. The top pick must excel in all of these areas. The road testing is comprehensive, pulling together more than 50 separate evaluations. The comparison process uses extensive instrumented testing to get repeatable and objective data, but it also includes human assessments of long-term usability and comfort while being daily-driven under real world conditions.

Mazda is thrilled with these results, because they prove that their commitment to industry-leading design and a relentless focus on improving their cars for the driver is a winning strategy. By making the concept of Jinba Ittai – horse and rider as one – the core of Mazda’s engineering program, they create vehicles that excel on city streets and race tracks around the world. When Mazda designs their vehicles using the Kodo–Soul of Motion principles, they create automobiles that are at once beautiful and efficient. Their development of SKYACTIV technology to increase engine performance and efficiency together has, according to the EPA, made them the most fuel-efficient brand in America for four consecutive years.

Industry-leading quality is a natural result of Mazda’s work in design and engineering. When you place the driver at the center of your business and build around those core values, the results are magical. That’s the foundation of Mazda’s identity, and it’s what drives Mazda everyday.


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