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Good engineering obeys the laws of physics and Mazda continues to stay true to this principle by reducing weight in their vehicles. In doing so, Mazda created another nearly perfect 50/50 balance in the new MX-5 Miata. Using an extremely sensitive balance, Mazda put their car to the test to find out if all their hard work paid off. The 2,332 pound car, driver included, remains perfectly balanced on the aluminum balance beam.

Throughout the evolution of this best-selling roadster, weight has contributed to the thrilling experience the car gives the driver. While other multi-generational vehicles on the road have become bigger and stale, the fourth generation MX-5 remains slim and nimble. Even with all of the safety features and modern convenience features added over the lifetime of the model, the MX-5 is a constant reminder that multi-generational models do not have to bloat.

An aluminum bonnet; boot; front and rear bumpers; and front fenders help keep the MX-5 agile and lighter compared to using other conventional materials. The implementation of SKYACTIV technology into this generation of the MX-5 is also a major contributor of increased fuel efficiency and a decrease in overall vehicle weight.

Keeping the MX-5 at a 50/50 weight balance allows the driver to have a smoother and more connected experience only adding to the fundamental freedom the driver has behind the wheel of a Mazda.

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