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Inside Mazda

There’s No Wasted Space in the Mazda CX-5

Mazda designers went the extra mile to provide simple, practical storage solutions in the CX-5

2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature Turbo crossover SUV

From smartphones to tablets, bottles and more, Mazda designers have optimized every part of the current generation CX-5’s interior to help store your belongings as conveniently as possible.

1. Center Console

As one of the most used storage areas in the vehicle, the center console saw refinements that give you smarter storage options. The charging ports under the armrest were moved in order to place your devices in a more convenient location while charging. It means you won’t be balancing your phone or getting wires twisted every time you adjust the radio volume.

Another revision was to the tray located under the climate controls. It was redesigned so that you can place your phone in the tray while charging it from the more conveniently placed charging port. Placing a phone there won’t block access to other items in the large tray.

2019 Mazda CX-5 crossover SUV signature turbo

2. Glove Compartment

The glove compartment is often taken for granted and is usually slammed shut to prevent everything from falling out. However, Mazda designers understand that it also provides a useful compartment to keep important documents organized and your valuables out of sight. Designers reshaped its interior to comfortably accommodate a 10-inch tablet. They added premium materials to enhance the appearance and create a soft lining for storing devices. Of course, it’s up to you to figure out how much more can be crammed around the tablet. But rest assured that Mazda has gone the extra mile to help keep your devices pampered and protected.

3. Door Pockets

Nothing ruins a quiet cabin like objects sliding around in the door pockets. Mazda designers lined the door pockets with a new textured material intended to keep objects from moving. This also helps avoid unnecessary scratches on your items. Of course, Mazda’s designers and engineers didn’t stop there. Recognizing that more people are traveling with larger bottles, the team created larger openings in the door pockets to accommodate those.

Mazda CX-5 Crossover SUV Fuel Efficient SUV

4. Rear Center Armrest

Previously, the rear center armrest was primarily used as a divider between squabbling siblings. Now, it can focus on a role as a storage and charging station. The rear center armrest in CX-5 Grand Touring models and above folds down to reveal storage for mobile devices and includes two optional USB charging ports to help keep second-row passengers connected, entertained and fully charged.

Mazda CX-5 Crossover SUV Fuel Efficient SUV

5. Luggage Compartment

Understanding the need to carry items of all shapes and sizes, CX-5’s rear seats fold in a unique 40:20:40 configuration for maximum versatility. This allows long items like skis or home improvement pipes to be slid through the middle section while still allowing two passengers to sit in the rear seats. When needed, the entire second-row can be folded down to access the entire load space. The floor in CX-5 is level and was designed to eliminate any space between the floor and the side trims. Not only does this optimize the available space but also helps ensure items won’t snag on awkward intrusions. Instead, luggage or cargo can simply slide in and out with ease.

Mazda has gone to enormous lengths to provide every occupant with useful, practical storage solutions for all of the items we carry with us on a regular basis. So whether you’re planning a cross-country journey, or driving across town for a shopping expedition, Mazda CX-5 has thoughtful, practical and functional storage solutions, thanks to a host of improvements throughout its interior.