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2017 Mazda3 Design Updates Moves Emotions

Mazda 3 soul red hatchback

The latest ad for the 2017 Mazda3 asks, “Can a design move you before you go anywhere?”

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Mazda believes it can, and they designed the 2017 Mazda3 to look like it is always in motion, even when it is still. This amazing illusion is accomplished through the concept of dynamism. Dynamism is illustrated as beauty of motion seen in nature like a cheetah sprinting across the plains.

“Injecting dynamism into our car designs allows people, specifically our drivers, to really attach themselves to the vehicle,” said Jacques Flynn, lead designer at Mazda’s North American design office. “We study different examples of dynamism in the world, whether it be a predator chasing prey or the way a swimmer cuts through water, that we know evoke certain emotions and move people emotionally.”

Through KODO – Soul of Motion design, the barely restrained power of such movement is caught in every Mazda vehicle’s lines and curves.

“Dynamism is a huge part of the KODO design philosophy,” Flynn added. “Without it, the philosophy would not feel as complete.  Dynamism is the most traditionally automotive aspect of the philosophy, with the other two parts being the element of human craftsmanship and a strong Japanese connection, specifically through aesthetic principles rooted in Japanese values.”

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For 2017, the Mazda3 improves upon an already great-looking car with a wider front grille and redesigned headlights and fog lamps. The overall effect gives the Mazda3 a lower and more planted look. Eye-catching lines across the side of the vehicle lead to the refined and dignified look of the Mazda3. This continuous refinement of KODO design separates the 2017 Mazda3 not only from the competition but previous generations of the model as well.

Mazda aims to move people with its cars – both physically and emotionally.  Mazda’s KODO design philosophy forges an emotional bond between driver and vehicle through the way the car looks.  While walking away from the Mazda3, you can’t help but turn around and admire it. For a second, you might even think that it is still moving, but that is just the dynamism

Watch Mazda Design Director Julien Montousse, as he explains his thinking and highlights how the KODO: “Soul of Motion” design philosophy creates an emotional connection from the very first glance.

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