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Nappa Leather: A Full-Sensory Experience Where Function Meets Beauty

2018 Mazda 6 Nappa Leather Interior

It takes years before the coveted harmony between horse and rider—known in Japanese as Jinba Ittai—can be achieved. Once realized, the two communicate through a tactile call and response: The archer draws back the tension of the bow and the horse adjusts its gait to allow for a clean shot, each an extension of the other’s natural being.

Today, Mazda elevates a heritage of poetic synchronicity between car and driver in the Mazda6, from master craftsmanship to premium materials. Evocative of bespoke horse saddles, alluring Nappa leather undergoes minimal treatment to produce a purer experience with unparalleled softness and richness of color around the interior.

Deep Chestnut Nappa Leather Parchment Nappa Leather

“When you sit in the car, you touch the seat and you are connected through the Nappa leather,” said Simona Merker, color, material and finish designer at Mazda North American Operations. “It’s this soft connection that complements the feeling of the car.”

That immediate tactile experience “surrounds the driver, engaging all of their senses,” added Ian Hedge, interior design manager at Mazda North American Operations. Rich Nappa leather wraps the sophisticated interior from seats to instrument panel, enveloping you in the vehicle the moment you open the door. Upon reaching for the ignition, the intoxicating scent of unblemished, premium leather sparks imagination. Intricate hues, inspired by the rich wood of Japanese temples, subtly shift from dark espresso to warm gold in the sunlight.

Mazda 6 Nappa Leather Interior Seats

Honoring a reverence for the simplicity and excellence of Japanese design, Nappa leather, along with superior details of natural Sen wood and UltraSuede® accents, is carefully curated for the Mazda6 Signature. It’s a modern detail that pays homage to the ancient bond between horse and rider. And much like the mounted archer of the past, Nappa leather hits its mark with every careful stitch. The result: a simple yet strikingly beautiful harmony that excitingly awakens the driver, freeing you from the doldrums of the daily commute.