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Inside Mazda

What does genuine Rosewood have to do with a better-driving SUV?

A turbo engine. Agile handling. Genuine Rosewood?

Whether it’s a great-driving SUV or a great-playing guitar, the joy is in the details. For the interior trim of the all-new Mazda CX-9 Signature, we partnered with Fujigen Guitars to source the same Rosewood they use on the fretboards of their guitars. Used in the center console and door switch-panels, the warm hues and smooth grain of Rosewood bring an elegant sense of dimension to the cabin. Each plank is hand-selected to compliment the auburn color of the Nappa leather seats. And because it’s authentic natural wood, no interior of any two CX-9 Signatures is alike. Making each vehicle unique. Why does paying attention to every detail matter? Because Driving Matters.