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UltraSuede Trim: Stitching Together Japanese Tradition with Modernity

Mazda 6 UltraSuede Suede Interior Signature Trim

Master textile workers are able to deftly turn beautiful fabrics into true works of art. Each swatch of color and intricate stitch is like a paint stroke that ultimately reveals a masterpiece. For instance, Japanese design philosophy of simplicity meeting beauty is fully realized even in something like a kimono. That same spirit is captured in Mazda6 Signature’s UltraSuede trim. With colors and accents inspired by the beauty of traditional kimonos, UltraSuede complements aesthetics, adding functionality to the equation.

UltraSuede is comprised of interwoven, ultra-fine microfibers, creating an exceptionally soft and smooth texture that mirrors natural premium suede. It is fortified with polymers to extend its durability, as cars have to withstand the rigors of temperature, humidity and sunlight variations on a daily basis. By fusing the advanced manufacturing process of UltraSuede microfibers with a unified aesthetic mood, Mazda creates a harmony of function and beauty.

Mazda 6 UltraSuede Suede Interior Signature Trim

“When the light falls on it, there’s just this little bit of play that forms a interesting element,” noted Ian Hedge, interior design manager at Mazda North American Operations.

UltraSuede seems to constantly reinvent itself. In one moment, it’s a deep chestnut color—a sunken brown, reminiscent of the ancient beams found in Japan’s temples. As the sun seeps through the interior, its unique sheen crosses over into a lustrous gilded bronze that evokes the ceremonial spirit of kimonos. To the touch, UltraSuede provides a feel like no other. Its soft, slightly fibrous surface complements the smooth polished feel of natural Japanese Sen wood. Lightly treated Nappa leather provides a tactile delight, awakening a sense of delight upon feeling its richness.

Mazda 6 UltraSuede Suede Interior Signature Trim

“What’s really beautiful is the surface contrast between UltraSuede trim and materials,” said Simona Merker, color, material and finish designer at Mazda North American Operations. “Before you’ve even seen it, you can feel that there is a difference.”

Like the master craftsmen who have intricately threaded needles through silken streaks of fabric for centuries, Mazda reflects on its heritage and passion, providing a crafted, alluring environment cocoon of serenity, only bolstered by the tactile quality UltraSuede.