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Inside Mazda

Mazda Reliability: Powered by Passion

Design and Engineering Insights

At Mazda, we believe that passion lies at the heart of the driving experience — for the people who drive our cars, and for the dedicated people who develop them. For us, driving is about so much more than getting from A to B. It should stir the emotions. It should make your heart race before you even get behind the wheel. It should make you feel alive.

Although reliability may not be the most glamorous item on a driver’s wish-list, it is right at the heart of our approach to car design. When customers buy a Mazda, we want them to know that they are getting a premium ownership experience that delivers every time.

This commitment to reliability starts with our Kodo design philosophy, which focuses on simplicity in interior and exterior design. The interior of our cars have minimalist styling and intuitive controls to provide an uncluttered, premium experience. The exterior of our cars have simple, yet confident lines that represent a flowing beauty that celebrates Japanese aesthetics. Our designers are driven by passion — always looking for the small details that help deliver a quality and contemporary experience, whether it’s that beautifully-stitched interior detail or blending complex materials together to create a high-quality feel. Craftsmanship is at the heart of Kodo design. In Japanese culture there is a strong belief that craftspeople inject life into what they make, whatever it is, and this is the essence of our approach to design.

The same passion inspires our engineers. From body construction and engine technology to the chassis and transmission, Mazda vehicles are all engineered based on the same Skyactiv Vehicle Architecture. It’s a philosophy that is always in motion with a focus on continuous improvement — by continually researching human movement we can keep developing the most natural driving feel. And we don’t wait for a major refresh or a new generation vehicle — Mazda engineers are always looking to make small changes for both performance and efficiency.

This design and engineering commitment to reliability is also reinforced by the fact that Mazda has an extensive network of dealerships providing consistent, high quality service to customers which helps minimize any issues.

Our world class designers and engineers are constantly working on our human-centric philosophy, that simple feeling of connection between car and driver. We call it “Jinba Ittai” which is the Japanese term that describes the harmony between a horse and rider. A horse and rider communicate through feeling and this is how it should be between car and driver. That connected feeling is supported by the reassurance of reliability and it’s something we’ll continue to strive to attain in our mission to make cars that help enrich the lives of our fans.

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