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A phoenix rising from ashes, Mazda’s home city of Hiroshima was completely rebuilt after being destroyed in an instant. As expected, an enduring spirit and exceptional creativity was required of the people of the city. Having been challenged in a way no other people on Earth can claim, these are people who encompass a spirit of not giving up and are well accustomed to challenging the status quo.

This is reflected in practically everything they do and is one of the reasons ideas and concepts considered pipe dreams by other car companies have been consistently transformed into realities at Mazda.

Defying convention is what keeps Mazda at the forefront of desirability for people who love to drive. Where others add power to counter weight in an effort to improve performance, Mazda aims for lightness to deliver both performance and efficiency. In this video, Executive Officer Masahiro Moro explains how challenging adversity has led to so much revolutionary thinking at Mazda.

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