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Medical Professional Uses His MX-5 Miata to Deliver Meals for Local Seniors

Mazda Cares Featuring the Massachusetts MX-5 Miata Club

This is Mazda Cares. In light of COVID-19, we’re sharing stories of how our Mazda family is coping with (and even combatting) the crisis. Mazda is committed to helping communities in times of need. Our aim is to share stories that highlight our belief that what matters most is one another — because through the power of humanity and community, we can overcome any challenge.

A Boston neighborhood has been enjoying a delivery service with a difference this year thanks to a local man’s passion for sports cars and his local community.

Mazda super fan Moses Tran has been putting his passion for driving to good use during the COVID-19 crisis by delivering meals to vulnerable people in his community.

Moses, who is a member of the Massachusetts Miata club, normally works as a surgery physician assistant at Framingham Union Hospital just outside Boston, Massachusetts. But as the pandemic began to take hold, he was transferred to the hospital’s new COVID ICU unit to assess and medically manage COVID patients requiring ICU-level care. This frontline experience inspired him to take action in his personal life — with his trusty Mazda Miata at the ready.

“What I saw at the hospital really brought home the situation and I decided to do something about it. I guess you could call it a real labor of love — driving round my home city in my favorite Miata and helping my local community out at the same time. There’s a great tradition of community spirit in Boston and I wanted to play my part.”

Moses became aware of the plight of a group of Vietnamese seniors in his local neighborhood. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak they used to meet for lunch at the local community center but the pandemic meant that was no longer possible.

Moses picks up the story: “I heard about this situation and was able to step in and deliver to about 25 households in the area. I hope it’s made a difference to them and it’s certainly been a fulfilling experience for me.

“I like nothing more than getting behind the wheel. This is an iconic city and for me the Miata is an iconic car. When it’s for a good cause it makes it even better. Food insecurity is a tough reality for many Americans, so I see this as an opportunity to give back to the community and enjoy the Miata.”