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Focusing on the Driver Helps Create a Safer Automotive Society

Handling, technology, and human factors all lead to a safer driving experience

Mazda CX-9 7 passenger SUV premium

Creating safer cars and more confident drivers is rooted in Mazda’s aim to help create a safer and accident-free automotive society. Mazda’s safety philosophy, which guides the research and development of safety technologies, is based on understanding, respecting and trusting the driver. This human-centric technology approach seeks to create a more confident driver.

Since drivers are human beings, and human beings can’t always respond as quickly as needed, Mazda offers a range of technologies which help to prevent or reduce damage resulting from an accident. If an accident is inevitable, Mazda vehicles are designed to help reduce the severity of a collision and protect the occupants.

Here are a few ways that Mazda is helping to reduce accidents and injuries:

Mazda Safe Cars i-ACTIVSENSE

Designed to Support Safe Drivers

Safe driving begins with the driver, and Mazda uses human-centric design to keep the driver in clear focus and control. It’s a simple idea that says when a driver is comfortable, confident, and in control of the vehicle, there’s less chance of getting into a dangerous situation in the first place. By inventing features such as G-Vectoring Control for confident cornering, and giving each vehicle a stable Skyactiv chassis, Mazda gives the driver the ability to maintain control and remain confident behind the wheel.


Technology That Enhances Your Senses

On top of creating vehicles that keep the driver in control, Mazda believes there’s a place for advanced technology to unobtrusively assist drivers. That’s why Mazda has developed features such as adaptive cruise control, forward obstruction warning, and rear vehicle monitoring. These safety features, apart of the i-Activsense suite of innovative technologies, are designed to help drivers avoid collisions by supporting their natural ability to predict and avoid hazardous situations.


Reducing Accident Severity

Safety systems such as Smart Brake Support and Smart City Brake Support are developed to intervene and help stop an accident before they even happen. In addition, Mazda’s added acceleration control to its automatic transmission vehicles to guard against pedal misapplication. It may not be possible to stop the car in time to avoid every accident, but these technologies can help reduce the damage and the danger in many situations.CX-5 SKYACTIV Body

The Unavoidable

Despite everyone’s best efforts, there are times when an accident is unavoidable. When that happens, Mazda wants to be sure your car does its best to protect you. The idea is that protection starts with the strong Skyactiv body structure, and extends to features such as impact-absorbing materials throughout the cabin, pre-tensioning seat belts and special structures like our impact-absorbing steering column and anti-intrusion brake pedal.

2019 Mazda CX-5 crossover SUV signature turbo

A Safer Automotive Society

From giving the driver a car that delivers confident and predictable handling, to technology that helps protect occupants in the event of a crash; Mazda develops every vehicle with the goal of helping to create a safe and accident-free world, and a society that truly enjoys driving.