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Inside Mazda

2005 B-Series

Buying a Mazda B-Series truck is easier than ever in 2005, with an array of standard features added to a new, simplified lineup. Mazda consolidated its 2005 B-Series truck line for a total of six customer-friendly models, including the addition of a new model, the B3000 Cab Plus 4-door. Mazda has maintained its most popular 4×2, 4×4 and Dual Sport models while converting some popular option packages to standard features. From a base model 4×2 utility truck to a fully-loaded 4×4 model, Mazda’s 2005 B-Series trucks are ready to tackle any job thrown at them. The most significant change to the 2005 B-Series is the new model lineup. Mazda has eliminated last year’s B2300 Cab Plus SE, B3000 Cab Plus 4-door SE, B4000 Cab Plus 4-door Dual Sport and B4000 Cab Plus 4×4 SE. This year’s models include B2300 Regular Cab, B3000 Cab Plus 4-door (a new model), B3000 Regular Cab Dual Sport, B3000 Cab Plus 4-door Dual Sport, B4000 Cab Plus 4-door 4×4 and B4000 Cab Plus 4-door 4×4 SE.

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