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2006 Mazda MPV

2006 Mazda MPV

Minivans are great for carrying lots of people and lots of cargo, but few owners look forward to driving them. After all, they’re not stylish and are seldom fun to drive. The 2006 MPV is the exception. It looks great, with all the style you’d expect from the Zoom- Zoom company. The front is similar to the MAZDA6 sports sedan. A deep front fascia and side skirts add to the aggressive styling as do 16- or 17-inch alloy wheels. And, the MPV drives more like a sports sedan than a minivan because it’s built by one of the world’s renowned sports car makers. Under its taut sheet metal is an all-aluminum V6 engine, four-wheel disc brakes, and rack & pinion steering, five-speed automatic transmission, and sports car-influenced front and rear stabilizer bars.

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