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Inside Mazda

2012 Mazda2

Let’s face it: small cars are a big deal. The subcompact segment, born out of frugality and, well, not much else, is now bursting at the seams in all directions: design, performance, features, value and even size – literally. But as more entries cram themselves into the ever-popular crowd of small-fry, only one offers Zoom-Zoom in its most concentrated form: the 2012 Mazda2. Initially launched in 2007 in Japan, Europe and Australia, the nimble little Mazda2 was quick to garner enthusiastic acclaim, including “2008 World Car of the Year” as well as other global “Car of the Year” honors from home-country Japan to faraway Greece. Making its North American debut last year as a 2011 model, Mazda2 proved to be as much as success stateside, earning a spot on many “Best Cars” and Top Ten lists.

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