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Preparing For The Ultimate Summer Road Trip

The right vehicle, like your Mazda, will make any trip that much better. Here are some tips and tricks that will make any road trip a success.
Mazda Racing Beat Aftermarket

We’ve Got the Beat

Racing Beat carved out their niche, serving diehard enthusiasts who crave racetrack-honed performance.

Which Mazda is Your Perfect Match?

Looking for the perfect valentine? Mazda's got you covered. Take our five-question quiz to find out which Mazda vehicle is your true love and perfect valentine.
2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF (25)

Picture This

An online community where you can meet like‐minded Mazda fans, see their cars, and show them yours.
2017 Mazda CX-5 Crossover SUV

Mazda CX-5’s L.A. Stories – Where To Drive

Once you escape the urban L.A. sprawl, there are scores of canyon roads swooping up into the hills that can put a huge smile on an enthusiastic driver's face.

Mazda CX-5’s L.A. Stories – The Kayaker

With the help of the Mazda CX-5, we meet three Californians who are challenging the status quo, and pushing the boundaries in urban sports.
Mazda CX-5 crossover SUV bike rack Montenegro Manufacturing bike

Mazda CX-5’s L.A. Stories – The Cyclist

Custom bicycle designer Hernan Monenegro is a man who plans for the future. His handmade, ultra-light frames are built to be both durable and timeless.
Mazda Venice Beach CX-5 California Longboard

Mazda CX-5’s L.A. Stories – The Longboarder

Los Angeles is a breeding ground for innovation, whether that’s in design, engineering or simply attitude. A place where new ideas come to life, with an optimistic, enterprising outlook in the endless California sunshine.

Why Tires Matter

Many of the challenges of driving in snow or heavy rainfall can be easily dealt with by selecting the right set of tires for your vehicle and driving conditions.

14 MX-5 Miata Trivia Questions To Prove Your Knowledge

Do you think you know everything there is to know about the MX-5 Miata? Take the quiz and see if you’re a true Miata Maniac.
mazda cosmo rotary sports car

The Road Less Traveled with a Classic Mazda Cosmo 110S

The Mazda Cosmo 110S was the first ever Mazda sports car powered by a rotary engine. This rare classic takes on Scotland's spectacular North Coast 500 route.
Mazda CX-9 7 Passenger SUV

From Surf to Snow

One family, in the all-new Mazda CX-9, go on an activity-packed Californian odyssey, with the goal of being able to surf, kayak and ski all in a single weekend.

West Coast Classic

With a classic Mazda REPU pickup truck—and a surfboard—we discover a slower pace of life on the California coast.

Kickoff the Big Game with a Road Trip

Even if you don’t have tickets to the game and you’re looking for an excuse to see new scenery, there are plenty of once-in-a-lifetime destinations worthy of a day’s drive.

Fresh Tracks: Where to Catch the Ski Season’s Best Snow

Wherever you decide to go, in most cases, you won’t need chains with the superior traction and predictive nature of Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD technology.
Miata motifcation kits

The Cars of Flyin’ Miata

What happens when you take all of the great things about the MX-5 Miata and amplify them? For over 25 years, MX-5 enthusiasts have been exploring the outer edge of the MX-5’s performance envelope with outstanding results.