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The Importance of Vehicle Safety Recalls

What To Do If Your Car Is Recalled

Mazda Dealership

While auto manufacturers do their best to ensure the cars they build are up to the highest standards as possible, from time to time, unforeseen circumstances result in a recall. The most common type is a safety recall, and it usually happens when either an auto manufacturer, auto manufacturer supplier, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines a safety related issue exists. When this occurs, federal regulations and NHTSA requires automakers inform their customers by mail.

Getting a recall notice does not mean the entire car is defective. The letter outlines the precise nature of the issue and describes which particular vehicle part or system is need of repair or replacement. The recall letter also explains what will be done to resolve the concern, and advises owners to return their vehicles to an authorized dealer to have the repair completed.

Any owner can go online and check the status of their vehicle and determine if there are any open recalls for that vehicle.

To do so, record your vehicle identification number (VIN) from the plate at the base of the windshield on the driver’s side of your car.  Visit or When you type in your VIN, these sites will let you know if your car has any open recalls. If it does, contact your local authorized Mazda dealer to set up an appointment to resolve the issue(s) as soon as possible.

Responding to a recall notice in a timely fashion is very important. While safety recalls remain in effect for the life of the car, getting the work done as soon as possible keeps the roads safer for everyone, including you and your passengers. t’s also important to contact the service department of your dealership before taking your car in for the service, to be sure replacement parts will be available at the dealership.

Recall work is performed free of charge. If you happen to discover an issue and have it corrected and a recall is later issued for that same item, you’ll be eligible for a refund—as long as you present a receipt for the work having been done at an authorized Mazda dealer service department within 10 days of the first mailing of the recall notice. Or, return the reimbursement form that was included with the recall letter, with the repair documentation.

Mazda is committed to your safety and, therefore, has created a Mazda-specific website to make it easy for you to get accurate and timely information in the event that your Mazda vehicle has a recall. If your vehicle is affected by a recall, please schedule an appointment to have your vehicle repaired by an authorized Mazda dealer as soon as possible. Record your vehicle identification number (VIN) from the plate at the base of the windshield on the driver’s side of your car. Then, go to or  and input your VIN, and these websites will let you know if your Mazda is affected.