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Roger Beasley Mazda is a Shelter Dog’s Best Friend

Through 13 years of partnership, Roger Beasley Mazda has donated almost $2 million to the Austin Humane Society

Roger Beasley Mazda Humane Society MX-5 Miata Dog

Mazda Drive for Good® has been raising money for local nonprofits in communities across the United States, since 2013. Over the last five years, the program has raised more than $23.4 million and provided over 313,000 hours of charitable service, completed by employees in Mazda offices and dealerships across the country.

But long before Mazda Drive for Good became a national program, the people at Roger Beasley Mazda in Austin, Texas were already giving back to their community in a big way. Every year since 2004, Roger Beasley Mazda has been donating a brand new vehicle to the Austin Humane Society (AHS). In the beginning, the dealership donated Mazda CUVs, but for the last five years, they’ve been providing brand-new MX-5 Miatas to be raffled off.

“We don’t just want to make a donation, we want to make a positive impact on our community,” said Jim Bagan, dealer principal at Roger Beasley Mazda.

Roger Beasley Mazda Humane Society MX-5 Miata Dog

“Roger Beasley Mazda has donated to the Austin Humane Society, Austin’s only no-kill facility, because it matches our passion,” said Kristina Moore, executive administrator at Beasley Mazda. “We love animals, and AHS does as well, as shown by their commitment to never euthanizing animals, as well as their spay-neuter-release program.”

The annual automobile donation is only part of the support that Roger Beasley Mazda provides to their local Humane Society.

“The car raffle is important,” said Frances Jonon, president and chief executive officer of AHS. “But they’re also very good to us for our annual gala, and they’ve donated VIP tickets in their suite at the Austin Formula One races. We also benefit from Mazda Foundation giving and the Mazda Drive for Good program – we’re grateful to be beneficiaries of that.”

The partnership between Roger Beasley Mazda and the Humane Society is now in its 13th year, and the total benefit of all the dealerships contributions have added up.

Roger Beasley Mazda Humane Society MX-5 Miata Dog

“Overall, it’s approaching $2 million,” Jonon said. “An important aspect for a non-profit is that the partnership is constant. So as you plan for each year, we know we have this constant partner. I can’t imagine having a need and not being able to call on them for help. As we plan for future growth, they’re already involved in that conversation. I can’t say enough about how much we value this partnership. They’re a great group of people.”

In addition to the AHS, the major charitable organizations that Roger Beasley Mazda supports include the March of Dimes, the Trail Foundation, the 100 Club of Central Texas, Wonders & Worries, Helping Hand Home, Positive Coaches Alliance, East Austin Youth Association, Partnerships for Children, Lifeworks and Eanes Education Fund.

“Roger Beasley Mazda is interested in funding programs in order to positively affect outcomes,” said Bagan. “We want to be the voice of the unheard, including children and animals.”