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The Mazda6 that Helped Protect the Whole Family

For this Mazda6 family, safety is a top priority

White Mazda 6

Every driver has experienced the sheer panic of having a car in front of them slam on their brakes unexpectedly, but for Bridget McIntyre that panic was followed by a violent collision as she swerved out of the way only to find another car coming into her lane, which pushed her 2010 Mazda6 back into the lane of stalled traffic.

“My front tire rode up on the stopped car’s back tire,” McIntyre said. “It made my car go up on two wheels and then flip over.”

The scene is terrifying enough–except, McIntyre’s entire family was in the car during the time. In the backseat, her two year-old strapped snuggly in her car seat. Beside her in the front passenger seat, her father.

“We were able to get up and walk away,” she said. “I unbuckled my daughter from her car seat, and everybody was able to walk away without any major injuries, just scratches. The roof didn’t smash in, and the structure held up great.”

After the adrenaline, fear and anxiety subsided after the accident, McIntyre had a renewed appreciation for vehicle safety.

“I am a witness to say Mazda has great safety features,” McIntyre insisted. “I never thought I’d be one of those people who’s loyal to a brand of cars, but after this happened I said ‘Why not get another one?’”

McIntyre found a perfect 2015 Mazda6 for her and her family, making this her third time owning a Mazda.

White Mazda 6

What impressed her about the 2015 Mazda6 was its “Top Safety Pick+” rating, when equipped with available Smart City Brake Support, from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the non-profit organization’s highest rating.

“I like the bodywork – the way it looks. It’s got a more muscular look, and I love that, and the safety of the car,” she said. “A lot of car companies try to sell safety, but I’ve been telling everybody to get a Mazda. You hear about this stuff, but you never really know until you have to deal with something like this.”