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Inside Mazda

Strength and Sensibility Drive CX-5 To Excellence

CX-5 equips drivers with innovative technology and confidence

Engineers at Mazda have been working tirelessly to make CX-5 crossover a great driving and safer SUV. For Mazda, the two go hand in hand. Mazda engineers believe a vehicle must handle and respond to the driver’s intent to help the driver avoid situations where the safety features are even needed. But, for those times when a collision is inevitable, Mazda has designed CX-5 to be prepared.

Building a safer SUV starts with Mazda’s high-strength Skyactiv-body design. At just over 15 percent stronger than the previous models, Mazda engineers designated ultra-high tensile strength steel for the A-pillars, side sills and B-pillars. In the event of a collision, the body is better able to absorb and disperse the impact force and help keep occupants more safe.

“There is something unique about the way Mazda makes cars, with an abiding thirst for challenge and uncompromising convictions about how vehicles should be engineered and why,” said Masaya Kodama, CX-5 program manager. “With CX-5, driving performance has been polished in line with human sensibilities, and we have incorporated Mazda’s latest technologies, including i-Activsense advanced safety features, to help keep occupants safe.”

To give drivers even more confidence behind the wheel, CX-5 offers a full set of proactive safety features. Check out the videos below for more information on Mazda’s i-Activsense innovative safety features and how they can help lessen the severity of an accident, or even better, help prevent one from happening.