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Mazda3’s Synergistic Advantages

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Mazda research and development vehicle development engineer Dave Coleman is in a unique position to know what makes Mazda’s cars so great. In fact, his job is to test them to ensure they are (Best job ever—right?).

In this video, Coleman explains how developing all of the aspects of the Mazda3 simultaneously—as opposed to piecing a number of existing systems together—enables tremendous synergies between the designers and the engineers. In turn, this holistic approach to development improves the power and handling of the Mazda3 in a remarkable way.

SKYACTIV Technology couples increased fuel efficiency and engine output from meticulous design and advanced engineering. This innovative technology coupled with the monozukuri philosophy—a simple and minimalistic approach to production—continues to enhance the drivers’ experience.

As an example, Coleman explains how knowing the Mazda3 would use electric power steering ahead of time allowed the chassis engineering team to specify an unusual geometry for the front suspension to increase steering feel and improve handling.

Designed to drive, the Mazda3 was developed by actively seeking opportunities to achieve synergies wherever possible. This is a huge part of what makes the Mazda3 and, indeed, every Mazda, a terrific driver’s car.

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