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Sen Wood: A Resounding Material Meant to Awaken

Mazda 6 Sen Wood Interior Accent Trim Signature Trim Real Wood

The Taiko drum has been the heartbeat of Japan for thousands of years. Used in celebrations ranging from religious ceremonies to local festivities, the Taiko drum has been instrumental in bringing communities together under one harmonious pulse. Its iconic rumbling—like thunder on the Kanto plains—is achieved through natural Sen wood, a material renowned for its cultural heritage and prevalence in Japan.

Mazda6 borrows from this heritage to create an elegant experience in its Signature Trim. Mazda carefully balances the natural aesthetic of Sen wood alongside the vehicle’s other premium features to create a stunning visual experience.

Mazda 6 Sen Wood Interior Accent Trim Signature Trim Real Wood Nappa Leather Suede

Strategically featured along the doors and dashboard, Sen wood engulfs the driver in a forest of delicate streaks and character marks. Its ashen bands blend to create a dramatic finish that transport you to the mountainous districts of central Japan where trees stretch toward the sun. Because Sen wood works so well under the influence of both craftsmen’s hands and machine, its coarse texture is meticulously worked to create a finish that is patterned to the eyes, and polished to the touch.

“The look and the feel is different—more organic instead of the highly-varnished application most people are used to seeing,” explained Simona Merker, color, material and finish designer at Mazda North American Operations. “Much like the renowned furniture, architecture and instruments that employ Sen wood, the ambiance this material brings to the new Mazda6 is exemplary of the simple, yet striking elegance of Japanese design.”

Mazda 6 Sen Wood Interior Accent Trim Signature Trim Real Wood Suede

Paying respect to the long-standing traditions of Japanese culture, Sen wood perfectly blends upscale features such as Nappa leather and UltraSuede® trim into one awakening experience. Like the Taiko drum, Mazda6 encourages drivers to live according to the beat of their own drum, forging a brand-new path.