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Behind The Scenes: Driver’s Choice TV Shoot

Have you ever sat at your TV for hours on end, wondering just how many ads you’ve seen since your favorite TV show came on? That 30 second interruption that sometimes finds a way to make you laugh—or actually made you consider trying something new.

For advertisers, developing those ads aren’t for the sole purpose of taking you away from what you were trying to watch, but to develop something that is truly engaging and finds a way to connect you with their brand.

So have you ever wondered what it takes to make that 30 second spot? The Inside Mazda team recently tagged along on the Driver’s Choice Event TV shoot to get a behind-the-scenes look at just how those advertisements are made.

While we won’t show you the months of planning that went into developing this ad, here’s a little background on this shoot:

Over the last few years, Mazda has noticed a greater influx of customers coming to Mazda from “premium” or “luxury” brands. While the vehicles that Mazda has produced in recent years have continued to evolve, Mazda has found that many people are still unaware of the vehicles that Mazda develops—and so when a person is looking for a new vehicle, “Mazda” is simply not on the shopping list.

So when Mazda set out to develop an engaging summer ad, they wanted to capture real feedback from people not familiar with the brand as it is today. The ad was developed to show an experience that someone has when first discovering the quality and drivability of the vehicles. Even with all the planning, the biggest question was—how do we make sure that people know it’s authentic? And honestly, are we sure this is going to work??

The long-term owners of premium vehicles, while paid for their participation, were told that they were participating in a market research clinic for luxury vehicles. In turn, Mazda asked for their honest reactions to how three premium sedans and SUVs drove and how they felt about the interiors – without knowing the brands. Throughout the testing, all vehicles were concealed.

Mazda hired a seasoned documentary filmmaker for this project, to make sure the participants’ reactions were authentic. David Gelb, director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi and creator of the Netflix series Chef’s Table, captured the owners’ remarks in an honest, unprompted and compelling way.

How did Mazda do when compared to vehicles costing thousands more? See the reactions here:

Watch the exit interviews with our “market research” participants, to see more of their comments:

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Take a look behind-the-scenes, to discover the setup involved in capturing what you ultimately see on television and online.

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